The family of JAKOL’s hand-built motorboats consists of five cabin and two open models. In the near future the company will expand its offer with two new arrivals – J610 Open & J850 Cabin. The latter is going to be a luxurious motorboat that is characterized by a spacious, and practically designed cabin, whereas the former will be a new sport model.

The basic equipment of each boat is sufficient enough to enable use straight after it leaves the company premises. All the materials used by JAKOL Yacht are of the highest excellence, which ensures reliability and guarantee the quality of the boats.

To enhance comfort and satisfaction, the company provides wide range of accessories for each model, which can be found under “other products” tab.

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Open motorboats are designed to fully utilize their potential and provide a lot of free space, which enables its users to adapt them to their needs. They are ideal for water sport fans, who enjoy speeding on the water, but can also be used by anglers who like to move away from the shore for a fishing trip. When fitted with powerful engine these boats can bring a lot of fun for its users.

All open motorboats are easy to transport as their maximum width is 2.5m (8.2 ft) and therefore will fit on a standard boat trailer.